Is Gary Johnson 2016 a Non-Starter?

The Gary Johnson 2016 campaign has lost its shine.

The Gary Johnson 2016 campaign is giving people reasons not to vote for him.   The Gary Johnson statement on the Supreme Court guarantees a mass exodus of support for Johnson.  Johnson and his running mate suggest they would choose Stephen Breyer and Merrick Garland.   With picks like these, people thinking of voting for him immediately drop by the wayside. His message is muddled and he’s playing the same game as the other candidates in the race.  Playing “I’m not the other candidate or candidates” game will not cut it. It needs to be about policy and principle.

The Gary Johnson 2016 campaign does not have energy and enthusiasm

The Gary Johnson 2016 campaign is trying to appease factions with Sanders supporters and disgruntled conservatives. Gary Johnson needs the consistency of Ron Paul and how he ran his campaign in 2012. If there’s excitement and energy for Gary Johnson I’m not seeing it. Furthermore, most libertarians think Johnson is the worst Libertarian candidate they have seen in quite some time. You are not going to attract others who are not satisfied with Hillary or Trump with low enthusiasm.

The Gary Johnson 2016 campaign is pandering and not making the political case for their presidency.

Consequently, pandering to liberals and conservatives never ever works. Due to pandering, you continue the lesser of two evils argument. As a voter you moving to the middle does nothing for me. The choice is Republican lite or conservative lite or democrat lite or democrat. Due to a muddled message, the choice is overwhelmingly going to go for the person who is the real deal. Johnson uses the same lousy method of campaigning that Republicans have used over the last couple of cycles. Move to the mushy middle and pander to the middle instead of convincing the middle that you are right. In conclusion, the Gary Johnson 2016 campaign is off message. The more we see what they say and do, the more people realize there is no real alternative third party.

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