Garrison Keillor Attacks Trump for Being “Cleveland” [VIDEO]

The way Garrison Keillor attacks Trump makes it clear that elites are defending their turf from a blue-caller insurgent “from Cleveland.”

If you want to see real hate speech, read the venom with which Garrison Keillor attacks Trump and Cleveland. After an opening paragraph insulting Trump’s appearance (not seeming to notice that he is vulnerable on that topic), he launches into class warfare:

The fans in the arenas are wild about you, and Sean Hannity is as loyal as they come, but Rudy and Christie and Newt are reassuring in that stilted way of hospital visitors. And The New York Times treats you like the village idiot. This is painful for a Queens boy trying to win respect in Manhattan where the Times is the Supreme Liberal Jewish Anglican Arbiter of Who Has The Smarts and What Goes Where. When you came to Manhattan 40 years ago, you discovered that in entertainment, the press, politics, finance, everywhere you went, you ran into Jews, and they are not like you: Jews didn’t go in for big yachts and a fleet of aircraft — they showed off by way of philanthropy or by raising brilliant offspring. They sympathized with the civil rights movement. In Queens, blacks were a threat to property values — they belonged in the Bronx, not down the street. To the Times, Queens is Cleveland. Bush league. You are Queens. The casinos were totally Queens, the gold faucets in your triplex, the bragging, the insults, but you wanted to be liked by Those People. You wanted Mike Bloomberg to invite you to dinner at his townhouse. You wanted the Times to run a three-part story about you, that you meditate and are a passionate kayaker and collect 14th-century Islamic mosaics.

Critics have claimed that Donald Trump has no political principles. Others have claimed that he is just another face of the establishment.

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I think they’re wrong.

Donald Trump has a political principle: It is that these arrogant bastards in Manhattan shouldn’t get to rule the rest of us and run the country into the ground.

Donald Trump is a mature man. He’s had time to psychologically adjust to the fact that the man from Queens is never going to be accepted by Manhattan elites. He is not trying to win their respect. He’s trying to defeat them. Garrison Keillor can’t conceive of any other motive for Donald Trump’s candidacy than a desire to be respected by elites. That tells us much about Keillor.

What has Donald Trump said or done in the campaign that shows he wants the respect of these self-appointed rulers?

Queens may seem like Northeastern liberalism to many red state conservatives. But in New York City, he might as well be from Cleveland. He’s the champion of flyover country.

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