Gag Alert!: Prepare for Obama to Show Castro Love and Adoration

Barack Obama could leave the White House gracefully, if there is such a scenario.

That’s not going to happen. Barack Obama is going to wax eloquently about how wonderful Castro is. Don’t be surprised if he attends Castro’s funeral too. This is who Barack Obama is. An ideologue who idolizes Communism and communist regimes. Obama will leave the White House singing Castro’s praises. He has no shame. There’s not an ounce of love Obama has for America and what it stands for. If Obama could wave a magic wand he’d curse America today and make it Cuba in every single way.

Journalists are already mourning the loss of their favorite Dictator. Obama will follow suit.

The media is making sure everyone knows about how wonderful Castro’s disastrous education and health care system are.  Obama’s Common Core and Obamacare legacy are at stake. You better believe he will be praising Castro because Castro’s legacy is Obama’s legacy.  Obama tried his best to turn the United States into Communist Cuba. There’s no question Obama will be paying homage to his Commie idol.

The initial press release from Obama offering condolences and well wishes to Castro’s family is purely awful.

Obama in his sickening press release called Castro a friend and partner with the United States. There was no mention of Castro’s murder and torture of scores of political prisoners.  Obama has zero shame. Donald Trump, on the other hand, tweeted out a celebratory tweet on the news that Castro is dead.

Good for him! Four words carries much more weight.  Trump would probably be celebrating with everyone in Miami who are filled with joy on the death of this dictator who slaughtered thousands.

Obama’s legacy will be known for offering Communism anything they wanted with no conditions.

Let that sink in for a moment. Imagine how much weaker Obama has made our country with his relationship with Castro.

Obama has worked to normalize relations with the formerly Soviet-allied island nation over the final two years of his presidency. He became the first sitting US president to visit Cuba, meeting with Raul Castro — Fidel’s brother and the country’s current leader — since Calvin Coolidge visited in 1928.

Obama has since eased travel, trade, and financial restrictions on Cuba, allowing travelers to bring home Cuban cigars and rum. The president also opened the door for Cubans to purchase US products online and paved the way for Cuban companies to conduct joint medical research with American pharmaceutical companies.

Obama has sought to make these changes “irreversible” before he leaves office in January. Together, the shift in Cuba relations represents one of the defining foreign policy elements of his legacy.

The silver lining in all this, is that Obama’s weakness really makes President-elect Trump look really really strong.

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