Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Gaffe-Prone Ocasio-Cortez Removes Reporters From Campaign Event

As if signaled by the pseudo-success of Bernie Sanders in 2016, the democratic party is looking to the socialism side of the political spectrum in order to gain traction for the coming midterm elections.

This trend has been considered disturbing by a number of Americans, particularly those who are particularly interested in the history of economics.  For these well-versed pontificators, the idea of yet another dangerous experiment in wealth redistribution is wholly unacceptable, having been the cause of millions of deaths throughout world history.  Furthermore, and this must not be forgotten, socialism has literally never worked.

Yet, still, the left looks to people such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the 28 year old democratic socialist starlet who has made headlines for a number of reasons over the course of the last few weeks, not the least of which is due to the leftist’s inexplicable penchant for putting her foot in her mouth.

In order to prevent more of the same, it look as though Ocasio-Cortez is going on the offensive against the mainstream media who have reported these gaffes, declining to allow the press to cover a recent ever of hers in The Bronx.

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Ocasio-Cortez spokesman Corbin Trent told the Chronicle that the event was closed to the press to avoid “unwanted attention,” complaining she was “mobbed” by reporters at a Bronx community meeting earlier that week.

“We wanted to help create a space where community members felt comfortable and open to express themselves without the distraction of cameras and press. These were the first set of events where the press has been excluded,” Trent said. He promised that the media ban was “an outlier” and not the new norm.

The press blackout came after several of Ocasio-Cortez’s public comments were scrutinized by the media and fact-checkers alike. A Washington Post Fact Checker roundup last Friday for example singled out six false or misleading claims made by the candidate, including claims that fellow fact-checker PolitiFact had rated “Pants on Fire.”

It has yet to be seen how this will play out with the mainstream media, who have been vociferously attacking the Trump administration for their concerns over the state of the press in America today.


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