Future Baseball Hall of Famer calls Massachusetts Senator “Lieawatha”

Future baseball Hall of Famer Curt Schilling recently made an appearance on Larry O’Connor’s Baltimore area radio show where the two spent a few minutes discussing the Super Bowl, how sports and politics sometimes mix, and the socialist Senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren.

Schilling explained that the furor that surrounded the Super Bowl would have been nonexistent if only Tom Brady were a liberal. If instead of being friends with Donald Trump, Brady had called Nancy Pelosi “sexy,” liberals would have been enamored with his comeback victory. Schilling also explained how politics had hindered his attempts to get into the Hall of Fame and had cost him his job at ESPN.

However, the most interesting part of their conversation may have come when the subject of Schilling running for office came up. That is when we get absolute radio gold from the former Red Sox hurler.

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Larry O’Connor: I got to think that your typical Red Sox fan, your typical Patriots fan, your typical Bruins and Celtics fan, you know they are blue collared guys, they are union guys, they probably lean to the right. Is there some sort of disconnect there with what we are seeing?
Curt Schilling: Yes absolutely. I’ve said it repeatedly. As I talk about potentially running for Senate and running against ‘Lieawatha’ , I’ve talked about the fact that the population in this state does not match the politics.
Larry O’Connor: I just want to be clear, when you mention Hiawatha you mean Senator Elizabeth Warren, do you not?
Curt SchillingI actually said ‘Lieawatha’.
Larry O’Connor: Oh ‘Lieawatha’ even better. I missed that.
Curt Schilling: No I’m kidding. I’m kidding obviously but yeah I don’t believe…This is a blue collar state. When you look at the coast of Boston and the fishing industry and you look at the towns and the cities, this is a blue collar state. There is no way that the fishermen on Cape Cod are Elizabeth Warren fans. She represents everything we hate about politics.

Larry O’Connor: When are you making your final decision about the Senate run?
Curt Schilling: You know what? She is doing a perfectly good job of executing herself right now. She really is. One of the things that I talked about with my wife is that when you declare early a lot of times to get your name out there and to get that name recognition. I don’t really need to do that here. And why would I spend money or raise money for a campaign she’s running for me right now? Every time she opens her mouth, I get more votes.

Schilling calls Warren “Lieawatha,” and O’Connor laughs thinking he said “Hiawatha” because as a professor at Harvard Warren listed herself as a minority faculty member arguing that she was actually Native American (though no evidence exists to corroborate this assertion).

You can hear the interview in its entirety below:

You can see the entire transcript of the interview here.

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