Full Force FBI Freakout Tentatively Scheduled for Thursday

There is little doubt that the Federal Bureau of Investigation will never be the same after a controversial internal memorandum is likely to be made public on Thursday.

The FBI is secretive by nature and necessity, dealign in all manner of clandestine maneuvers in order to achieve whatever task has been put before them.  Normally, the agency is a badge of pride for the United States, thought to be unrivaled in the global intelligence community.  Unfortunately, under the Trump administration, some very valid concerns are being raised over the methodology employed by the Bureau.

Perhaps this is all a part of the drain the swamp ethos of the Trump administration.  After all, Donald Trump did not come of age in the halls of government, rather, the billionaire businessman has spent nearly his entire life examining the system from the perspective of a business owner and living embodiment of the American Dream.  When thrust into the Oval Office just over a year ago, Trump likely gained access to a number of realities that shocked and appalled him, with covert surveillance tactics being just a small piece of that puzzle.

Now, as the President looks to release a bit of information regarding the FBI’s purportedly horrible abuses, the intelligence community is panicking like never before.  With the memo scheduled to see a possible release this afternoon, there have been “dire” warnings to the President to halt his actions, and there have been attempts to claim that the memo itself is now tainted.

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Of course, this is likely political circus nonsense, but that hasn’t stopped them from attempting to delegitimize the coming truth.

“The FBI said on Wednesday it had “grave concerns” about the accuracy of a top-secret House Intelligence Committee memo alleging anti-Trump bias within the Justice Department, challenging President Donald Trump’s pledge to release it.

“But a few hours after the rare public rebuke by the top U.S. law enforcement agency, a Trump administration official said the memo was likely to be released on Thursday.

“’The FBI was provided a limited opportunity to review this memo the day before the committee voted to release it,’ the FBI said in a statement. ‘As expressed during our initial review, we have grave concerns about material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo’s accuracy.’

“The FBI declined to say if Director Christopher Wray, who viewed the memo during the weekend, approved the statement. Trump named Wray to head the Federal Bureau of Investigation after firing Director James Comey last May.

“The memo has become a lightning rod in a partisan fight over investigations into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election and possible collusion by Trump’s campaign, which Russia and Trump have both denied.

“Justice Department officials have also said releasing the memo could jeopardize classified information.”

Many Americans, however, have a different idea.

The sheer amount of concern being conveyed by the Deep State and the establishment over the contents of the memo has acted to bolster We The People’s interest in the document.  This is, after all, our government, and it should be held accountable at all times.

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