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“Freshmen” No Longer Politically Correct, To Be Replaced With…

The Christmas season traditionally brings with it nationwide arguments over the true destructive power of the political correctness movement in America.

The modern War on Christmas began in earnest with a move by purveyors of tolerable coffee, Starbucks, after the franchise decided to move away from Christmas themed cups and decorations in favor of a more “worldly” approach.  Now, instead of finding Santa Claus, Christmas trees, or the like during your overpriced morning routine, you’ll discover a plethora of generic, “happy holidays” sort of drivel designed by lawyers who receive far too many letters from social justice nerds hoping to gain theoretical PC points with their cultish friend-like cabals.

This reality-bending and nonsensical political correctness has moved well beyond the bounds of Christmas in recent weeks, however, infiltrating every facet of American society that these left-leading neo-fascists can get their millennial mitts on.  Even the way in which we describe our own experience in high school is now being affected by this argument-for-the-sake-of-argument mentality.  

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“In the continuing crusade to remold the English language in the name of gender-inclusiveness, a high school in Massachusetts has decided to abolish the offensive term ‘freshmen’ in favor of the politically correct ‘first year students.’

“By cleaning up its language, the administration of Easthampton High School is responding to a recommendation from the school’s Gender and Sexuality Alliance Group, which scoured the school’s handbook for signs of sexism and indicated how the school could make its language more gender neutral.

“The new version of the Easthampton High School handbook states that ‘for the purpose of class meetings and activities, including the class dues, students will be considered first years, sophomores, juniors, and seniors.’”

The school’s superintendent was forced to admit that the freedom of speech inherent in America does allow for students to continue using the “freshmen” moniker should they so choose, but ominously added the word “currently” to that declaration

Given the path that the left has chosen for American society, the fact that a high school superintendent would need to clarify that the First Amendment may cease to exist in the case of their student population is alarming.  This sentiment belies the fascists beliefs that the radical left has instilled in our nation, and ushers in a very real concern that the violence perpetrated in places such as Berkeley, California earlier this year could become the new norm for angry progressives.

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