French Stripper Running for President Arrested for Campaigning Topless. No, Seriously.

No, that is not a fake headline.

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In the midst of a contentious presidential election, former stripper Cindy Lee determined that what was missing from France’s mainstream political discourse was a little T&A. That isn’t even an insult – it’s exactly what her campaign is centered on.

Among several other agenda items, Cindy believes that more money from the French government should be spent encourage her fellow citizens to engage in a greater, more enhanced sex life.

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There are several different ways to analyze this. On the one hand, this may be a bit of a stunt to garner some attention and raise money. A less cynical (and less likely) theory is that Cindy stumbled onto a rather prescient statement considering the influx of Islamic immigrants into France who generally breed like rabbits in comparison to the relatively low native European birth rates. Is it possible this is merely an unconventional campaign to preserve France’s cultural identity?

The world may never know.

Regardless of any possible hidden motives, Cindy began her presidential campaign as the leader of the Pleasure Party, doing her level best to advance an agenda against corruption in politics and for… more sex, or something..

Unfortunately, campaigning topless (warning: some pictures NSFW) triggered the Paris riot police to mistaken her for a feminist protester and arrest her, which wasn’t a bad assumption given this act of topless marching happened during the same time as International Women’s Day. As I write this now, America’s own brand of feminists are marching dressed as vaginas, and some no doubt topless, in the name of what they call equal rights.

There doesn’t seem to be any connection between the topless campaign for president and the topless marches in the name of feminism, other than the apparent fact that women are beginning to realize the best ways to get some people’s attention. Just this week, actress Emma Watson turned some heads with her revealing photo shoot at Vanity Fair.

Cindy Lee went on to explain that her campaign for more transparency in government is represented by her transparent attire. I have to give her credit where credit is due. Whereas America’s feminists are out marching on a vague and ambiguous message of ‘equality’, candidate Lee has a clear and concise message for her would-be voters (and it’s eerily identical to the Nike slogan…).

Just Do It.

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