French Government Raided Winning Candidate Marine Le Pen’s Party HQ [VIDEO]

As it has become obvious that they are leading in the national polls, the French government raided the National Front Party’s offices.

Allegedly, the French government raided the populist National Front because of suspicions that the party misused European Union funds. (I’ll never understand why the European Union gives funds to national political parties.) The National Front contends that the French government raided them to try to sink their poll numbers. As it stands now, Marine Le Pen is the likely winner of the next election.

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According to Bloomberg News,

French investigators searched the headquarters of the National Front as part of a probe into whether party leader Marine Le Pen used European Parliament money to pay for jobs related to domestic politics.

In a statement, the party characterized the search as “a media operation whose only goal is to disrupt the smooth operation of” Le Pen’s presidential campaign “at a moment when she’s made major advances in the polls.”

The European Parliament has ordered Le Pen to repay the amount, estimating the improper payments at 336,146 euros ($357,000). She has refused to give the money back, saying the jobs weren’t fictitious, and has appealed the decision. French prosecutors who got a report from the EU’s anti-fraud office, OLAF, have opened a legal probe of their own.

I have no idea if the charge is accurate, though I would expect the National Front Party to want to settle the issue rather than appeal it if they were guilty of anything.

It is obvious, that Le Pen is pulling ahead in polls for reasons that are quite similar to those that gave Donald Trump the American Presidency. Bloomberg, in another article, reported,

Marine Le Pen gained ground on her rivals for the French election as she benefits from concerns about security while other candidates trained their fire on independent front-runner Emmanuel Macron.

Monday’s daily OpinionWay poll showed that first-round support for anti-euro candidate Le Pen rose 1 percentage point to 27 percent, with Macron and Republican Francois Fillon unchanged at 20 percent each. While no surveys so far have shown Le Pen even close to a victory in May’s run-off, she’s quickly narrowing the gap to her rivals. OpinionWay showed Macron would defeat Le Pen by 58 percent to 42 percent in the second round. His advantage has halved in less than two weeks.

Le Pen is gaining from her tough stance on the disturbances that flared up across France last week during mostly peaceful protests against police brutality. The National Front leader is tapping into voters’ unease after more than 200 people were killed in terrorist attacks in just over two years and those sentiments were stirred up again this month when a soldier in the Louvre fired five shots at an assailant armed with a machete and crying “Allahu Akbar.”

In the context of European elites panicking over Brexit, Donald Trump, and other falling dominoes in Globalist dominance, it is hard to believe that the French government raided the party for strictly legitimate motives. As they continue to lose, we can expect desperate efforts to discredit the populist parties.


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