French Fried Apple Store

The french are complete wusses.

So my immersion into the French Language begins and ends with one word: “Oui” -pronounced WE, which means YES.  In my bachelor days I wanted to be able to say “yes” should some beautiful French woman seem to be interested in inviting me to dinner, a movie or some other interesting activity. It never occurred to me that she could be asking me to donate money, a kidney or anything else vital to me and I would have no clue what I was agreeing to.

Alas, I have NEVER met a beautiful French woman, so my regrets about not learning the language were few until today. I really would like to know what this guy is saying as he pulverizes thousands of dollars worth of Apple Tech devices.

It would also be nice to know what the guy in red, who I am assuming is the French Version of Paul Blart, thinks he is going to do with a Dust With the high level of security in Dijon (yeah the mustard place). I am surprised ISIS would consider France a target. Yeah,Pierre that sucking action ain’t gonna cut it (yes a clever mustard joke) against the terrorist.

I mean the Apple Hating Thug literally pushes 3 security guards around and but for a shopper, I am guessing that guy is there on vacation, he would have been gone. One report says he was angry because he was not given a refund. Again, I don’t know because I don’t speak French. I do know that he definitely had his Fruit of the Looms in a twist about something.

Do you think this takes being a dissatisfied customer to a new level? I say “Oui.”


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