French Citizens Overwhelmingly Believe Islam “Not Compatible” With France Says Poll

France has been the unfortunate victim of a plethora of deadly terror attacks within the last year, with ties to radical Islamic terrorism abound in most cases.

The plight of France has been, in many ways, the plight of the world at large as nations across the globe struggle to contain the more violent teachings of the Islamic faith.  Given their long-standing liberality, it comes as no surprise that France is moving slowly to recognize some of the more egregious lessons from the Quran.  Now, after months of living under the constant threat of attack, it seems that the French people are finally willing to admit that they are in danger.

“A recent Ipsos poll shows 61% of French adults believe Islam is incompatible with the French culture.

“Data from the poll states this percentage makes up the majority of French adults, as only 17% of adults believe Judaism is incompatible with French society and 6% believe Catholicism is incompatible with their society.

“Islam dress codes are high on the list of unfavorable cultural differences. The poll indicates 77% of men in France want the burkini banned in public and 79 percent want headscarves banned on university campuses.”

France, along with the United States and many other nations, are succumbing to a new wave of conservatism that is sweeping the globe.  It seems that civilization as a whole is no longer willing to participate in a liberal-turned-globalist experiment in which borders barely exist and everyone is coddled into a false sense of equality.

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