The French Aren’t Being Polite about the Terrorist Truck Driver

In Nice, France, the place where the terrorist truck driver was killed is marked by a pile of garbage and spittle.

Here’s video showing the place where the terrorist truck driver was shot to death:

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This reminds me of ancient accounts where the slain body of the enemy was allowed to simply rot in the streets and provide food for birds. That isn’t happening here but the way passersby are treating the death place of Mohamed suggests they wouldn’t be opposed to restoring that custom.

When people are willing to die for their twisted sense of “honor,” publicly dishonoring their “martyrs” may be the only thing that deters other terrorists.

The video reminds me of something one writer suggested:

If Western nations want to discourage future events like this, they need to invite cameras in for the aftermath, as someone “accidentally” knocks over a can of bacon grease, or perhaps a slab of ham slices, onto the body—the wise man utilizes the beliefs of his enemy against him.

Islam provides no assurance of salvation, except for the one who dies in an act of “jihad.” But… since Islam is a manmade, works religion, you can negate that outcome (in their twisted beliefs) by “defiling” the body with anything having to do with pork, so… take away the incentive to die in an act of jihad, and they have to find other ways to occupy themselves.

Let every Islamic terrorist know we will drape their body in bacon.

“A wise man scales the city of the mighty and brings down the stronghold in which they trust.” (Proverbs 21:22)

Some will say this behavior is barbaric, but that word should be reserved for murder. In my opinion, this behavior demonstrates that people are aware that they are facing an implacable enemy who demands submission.

It is the exact opposite of the impersonal language that Ilana Mercer criticized the President for.

Staying on message, Obama used the passive voice to catalogue his coreligionist’s crimes (just joking; we know the president is a devout Christian). The president referred not to a Muslim terrorist who “killed and wounded dozens of innocent civilians.” Instead, Obama spoke about a thing, a “terrorist attack … which killed and wounded dozens of innocent civilians.”

You can’t spit on a terrorist attack. You spit on a place where a villain died. If you can, you spit on his corpse or at least on his grave. It’s personal.

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