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“Free Speech” Officially CANCELED at UC Berkeley After Liberal Anarchy

The University of California at Berkeley has established itself as ground zero for the radical left’s anti-free speech movement in recent months.

Starting way back in February, the ultraliberal campus earned its reputation as a haven for cretinous, treasonous leftists to launch their attacks against the American Bill of Rights, specifically targeting the First Amendment for revision or deletion.

It is purely a heretical act by the left, who somehow believe that the freedom of speech guaranteed by our creator and our founding fathers should be trimmed down to exclude any words that hurt the feelings of those who bear witness to them.  This absurd proposition has been the modus operandi of the left for a good long time, but the election of Donald Trump has exacerbated the liberal timeline as these pitiful progressives continue to lose their minds over what truth the President will expose next.

As UC Berkeley has often claimed to be the “birthplace of Free Speech”, (a dubious claim at best), the campus was set to hold “Free Speech Week”; an event to be hosted by conservative author Milo Yiannopolous, whose canceled February event has been cited as the impetus for Berkeley’s violent and radical leftism.

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But, as with all things on the left, the event was quickly canceled for fear of violent outbursts by liberal darlings in Antifa and beyond.

“A conservative UC Berkeley student group that had been working with right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos to host a ‘Free Speech Week’ on campus officially called off the four-day program on Saturday.

“But the former columnist for the “alt-right” Breitbart News doubled down on his promise to go through with the event, leaving university and law enforcement officials wading into an unpredictable, potentially violent showdown on Sunday.

“School officials had said they had expected to spend about $1 million on security and logistics for the event. One reason is that violent demonstrations had rocked the campus the last time Yiannopoulos tried to speak there in February.

“When conservative writer Ben Shapiro appeared on campus during what was ultimately a peaceful event earlier this month, the school spent about $600,000 to bring in law enforcement officials from across the University of California system, blowing through its annual ‘demonstration fund’ of $250,000.

“The Free Speech Week program had been expected to bring a host of right-wing speakers to the famously left-leaning school, which has been battered with claims in recent months that it doesn’t support conservative free speech. But the event always appeared tenuous.”

Once again, non-conservatives have taken an essential part of American culture and ruined it for the rest of us.

There is no telling where this leftist attack on free speech will end, given the constant escalation of rhetoric pouring in from the likes of UC Berkeley, Black Lives Matters, and the Southern Poverty Law Center.  If these groups get their wish of a New Civil War in America, it could be years before we return to the principle on which our nation was founded.

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