France’s Terror Problem WAY Bigger Than Previously Thought


Given their disastrous open border policies and ultra liberal politics, it is no surprise that France has become one of the world’s most prevalent victims of terrorism.

The European Union stalwart has been targeted by ISIS and their heinous ilk several times over the course of the last few years.  From the coordinated attacks that killed revelers at The Bataclan, to the Nice truck rampage, France has been in a perpetual state of worry for what seems like a decade.

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Now, in the midst of a slight lull in attacks, an alarming new figure emerges regarding the true scope of ISIS’ influence in France.

“The French Senate announced the results of the ‘Prevention of Radicalism and Regional Authorities’ report yesterday, showing 17,393 people have been listed as terror suspects since the beginning of March.

“A total of 2,046 French citizens fled to Syria and Iraq to fight for terrorist groups in the Middle East, the report also shows – 249 of those are now believed to be dead.

 “A breakdown of the report shows 7,400 individuals were reported by the Security Chiefs of Staff, 5,346 by the public and 5,799 individuals were registered by police or gendarmerie.French authorities said they were not all being constantly monitored, rather some were scrutinised at regular intervals.”ISIS terrorists have been honing their sights on an attack on a ferry crossing the Channel, according to senior security sources, which has lead to an increase in armed guards at the Calais border.”
In total, France faced threat from over 17,000 possible terror suspects in the last year – an alarming number by any measure.This new report comes as the liberal world continues to deny the threat, or perhaps the very existence, of ISIS and their ilk.  Leftist politicians and globalists have continuously rejected use of the factual term “radical Islamic terrorism” for the better part of the decade, instead choosing to downplay the threat posed by such groups.


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