Marine Le Pen

France’s Marine Le Pen Makes Massive Surge This Week As Election Rolls On

The conservative awakening that is currently sweeping the globe has come to roost in France this year, as candidate Marine Le Pen continues to impress voters.

In the first round of voting, Le Pen received enough votes to continue onward, and will face off against Emmanuel Macron again before the election is complete.  Macron, who represents France’s status quo, and the European Union’s interests, has been facing a difficult challenge in Le Pen, as the global attitude toward conservative politics is changing rapidly.

Just this week, Marine Le Pen experienced a massive surge in the polls, proving to many that her chances in this election are far greater than anyone had previously thought.

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“An Elabe poll for BFM TV found that half of people surveyed considered that Ms Le Pen’s campaign had started well, compared with just 43 per cent for Macron.

“Another found some 61 per cent of French voters think that Ms Le Pen is leading a successful second-round campaign, compared to 48 per cent for Mr Macron, according to a Harris Interactive poll for RMC and Atlantico published on Wednesday.

“Mr Macron is the current frontrunner ahead of the second round of the French election but has been accused of complacency by both rivals and allies.”

In many ways, the French election has mimicked the latest election in the United States, with the two remaining candidates easily comparable to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, with similarities to Macron and Le Pen, respectively.

Given that liberalism is currently falling to the wayside for much of the globe, Macron has a long and arduous road ahead of him against Le Pen, who has been able to ride the economic surge of like-minded Donald Trump’s effect on the American way of life into a comfortable position in the election.  Le Pen’s France-forward thinking and patriotism is ringing true with the French people, who for too long have been at the will of the world’s leftist ideology.  Now, given the sure of Le Pen and the election of Trump in the U.S., the French people are able to break free from the shackles of globalism and European Union support and formulate their own opinions regarding what is best for their beloved nation.

Should Le Pen be elected, we can expect a much more salient and economically fortuitous France to emerge from the rubble created by their previous globalist rule.  This could, in turn, usher in a new era for Europe as a whole; one in which sovereignty once again reins supreme.


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