France has “Rehab” for Jihadis… and it’s NOT Working

From the Daily Caller News Foundation:

France’s attempts to deradicalize jihadis have been a complete failure, a parliamentary report reveals.

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The country moved to open 12 deradicalization facilities last fall where jihadis could go through a year-long personalized program. The centers, along with a number of other measures, have now been deemed a “total fiasco.”

“It’s a total fiasco. Everything requires a total rethink,” conservative senator Philippe Bas said Thursday. “Everything must be started from scratch.”

The facilities were meant to help individuals who are “looking for a way out” by offering group activities and workshops on religion and the French Republic. The only center currently up and running costs more than $2.6 million per year without having a single tenant. (RELATED: France Launches Rehab Facility For Jihadis)

Center-left Senator Catherine Troendlé said the country has to come to terms with the fact jihadis won’t change their beliefs.

“We just have to admit that the most violent and dangerous people will not be [deradicalized],” Troendle said, according to The Telegraph.

Some 15,000 radicalized individuals in France are monitored by authorities. More than 230 people have been killed in terror attacks since the start of 2015 while the country has been in a state of emergency.

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