France Devolves Into Chaos on NYE with Mass Arrests in Islamic “No-Go” Zones

The European continent has been struggling with an unlikely problem over the course of the last few years, and 2018 isn’t looking to be any different.

As Syrian President Bashar al Assad began a terror-laced power grab in his country’s civil war, his nefarious actions caused a mass exodus of effected citizens.  These refugees found themselves scrambling out of Syria, with many landing in Europe, where the European Union declared that they would be welcomed with open arms at an unprecedented pace.

This unprecedented pace, however, was not due to al Assad’s horrific crimes, (which we in no way wish to downplay), but, rather, from the EU’s wildly inappropriate quotas that have been mandated among member nations, forcing these supposedly sovereign nations into a haphazard vetting process.  Should these nations not meet the EU quota, they would find themselves on the receiving end of numerous financial penalties.

In turn, hasty and ineffective background checks were implemented in many of these nations in order to streamline the immigration process, thusly leading to ISIS’ recognition of the ease in which they could infiltrate Europe using faux refugees.

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Now, after an influx of Islamic “ideals” and radical, terror-linked Muslims, Europe is completely under siege.  We needn’t look any further than French New Year’s Eve celebrations to confirm the scope of this invasion.

“New Year’s Eve celebrations in France led to national outcry after footage of a female police officer being savagely attacked surfaced, among reports that over 1,000 cars were burned overnight and 510 arrests took place.

“The female police officer was attacked alongside her male inspector in the Paris suburb of Champigny-sur-Marne by a large mob in the early hours of Monday morning, with both individuals being hospitalised.

“In the footage widely shared to social media, a large group of African appearance males stand around cheering as a female police officer is kicked to the ground, taking several blows to the head. In other parts of social media footage shared by Front National member of parliament Gilbert Collard, men cheer as cars are rolled over.

“The news of the attack comes as the French government revealed the shocking extent of violence across the country on New Year’s Eve, despite some 140,000 members of the security forces being deployed to the streets to keep order. Some 1,031 cars were burnt out over the course of the night, up from 935 the year before, and arrests stood at 510, up from 456.”

Without a massive shift in EU culture, there is little hope that member nations will be able to survive this onslaught of criminal behavior.

Furthermore, there seems to be little effort underway for the international community to remedy Bashar al Assad’s heinous ways in Syria, leading to the reality that a great many of these “asylum seekers” will never find themselves in a position to go home.


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