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Fox News Pundit says FBI Acted Badly, while Former Ambassador says Director Comey should be Fired


Why did the FBI handle their dueling investigations of our presidential candidates so poorly?

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Both President Trump and Hillary Clinton have reasons for disparaging the FBI’s conduct over the last year or so, because of the manner in which their cases have been handled.

Recently Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses the oddities within the two cases and even agreed that Hillary Clinton might be right about the premise that the FBI cost her the presidency.

Now, Judge Napolitano still believes that Clinton is likely guilty of some kind of malfeasance through her Clinton Foundation and that she likely broke many laws while using her private email server, but the FBI’s actions in the case are troubling enough that they need to be talked about.

In fact, the FBI’s behavior has been so erratic in recent days that former Ambassador the United Nations, John Bolton, believes that the time has come for the President to fire Director James Comey.

Bolton recently appeared on Breitbart radio where he made the stunning recommendation:

“I thought he should have been fired on January 20th. I thought his press conference in July where he talked about the Clinton email case was inappropriate, contrary to Department of Justice guidelines. He shouldn’t have done that. He shouldn’t have sent the letter in October. The rule for prosecutors and investigators, alike, should be you either bring an indictment against somebody, or you remain silent publicly. I think this whole thing is about the greater glory of Jim Comey.”

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