Fox News Pundit on Russia, they “Wanted to Cause as Much Chaos as Possible”

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly has been a defender of Donald Trump for months now, particularly when it comes to scurrilous attacks from liberals in the media. However, in one of his most recent monologues he opined that while Russia might not have given Trump the win, they were looking to inflict as much chaos as possible. Sadly, the media and the Democrat Party have given Russia exactly what they were looking for all along. While Russia’s meddling did nothing to sway the election, the reaction from the Left has played right into Putin’s hands by delegitimizing Donald Trump’s victory and weakening our national interests abroad.

Something O’Reilly decries in his commentary:

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Today in Washington, the Senate Armed Services Committee held hearings about Russia allegedly subverting the presidential election.

Front and center was the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper.

Mr. Clapper saying he cannot expose his sources or explain how the USA got the information about the Russian hacking.

So this becomes a very complicated matter because some Democrats are charging that the hack of Democratic stalwarts like John Podesta influenced votes.

Republicans say nonsense – that the exposed emails simply pointed out political intrigue and press corruption.

It is impossible to say if any votes were influenced by Podesta’s rantings but it seems far-fetched to me.

Despite the intel consensus, President-elect Trump is not accepting of the verdict against Putin.

Mr. Trump will be briefed tomorrow by intelligence leaders and maybe that will change.

For you and me, Americans who sincerely want fair elections and justice, the hacking should be a serious matter.

Again Talking Points believes the Russians were involved with the intent to create as much chaos as possible for America.

And nothing happens in Russia at that level unless Putin approves.

But Putin is not holding a smoking gun because US intelligence has to protect its sources of information.

Summing up, the Russians did it. Putin knew about it. And President-elect Trump has to decide if further action against Russia is necessary.


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