Fox News Pundit Explains How the Russians are Playing our Media

Lately, it seems that more and more political pundits and media types are beginning to get a feeling that all of these “trumped up” scandals revolving around the White House may not be as serious, or as real, as they once thought. So, who could be behind such heinous and yet completely unprovable stories? Well, the media would never blame the Democrats or the party leader, Barack Obama. So the whispers have begun and what they’re saying is that… it might just be the Russians. The Russians could be spreading lies and disinformation in an effort to wreak havoc and sew chaos in our nation.

Well… d’uh. this is what many of us have been saying all along. While many conservatives believe that the Russians could be behind the madness, we also wouldn’t put it past the Democrats. In fact, while the Russians may be sewing discord by passing around fake news, it’s Obama loyalists who have leaked the bad intel to the Democrat loving media.

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Fox News’ Charles Krauthammer explains how the Russians have been playing the media all along.

I don’t trust this story. The Russians are leaking it clearly on a channel that they know we’re going to pick up. The Russians are masters of disinformation. They already have Washington with its knickers in a twist with a Russian conspiracy, this is an added twist. Somebody’s going to get a hernia here. I think I’ll stop the metaphor with that point.

We have no idea if it’s true. Let’s say it is true. Isn’t the problem, the accusation here that there was some collusion during the campaign with the Russians? Well, everyone agrees if the story is true it occurred after the campaign during the transition. So, unless there’s some sort of nefarious connection here, there’s no connection to what was alleged to have happened during the campaign…

I don’t quite understand where’s the crime other than it is another piece that Russian is in the headline, Trump people in the headline and thus it is supposed ot be scandalous. Show me.

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