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Fox News Pundit calls Hillary Clinton’s “Conspiracy” Theories “Pathetic”!

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Fox News’ Charles Krauthammer is no “shrinking violet” and when asked he always delivers his unvarnished opinion. He did so again on Thursday when he was asked about Hillary Clinton’s recent, and ridiculous interview wherein she pretended to take responsibility for her loss while actually blaming everyone else.

Krauthammer was disgusted by the display and he openly derided her “conspiracy” theories and called her complaints “pathetic.”

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I don’t think she’s capable of discussing anything about the election in a way that makes anything other than sympathy for her. She has made herself pathetic. It was said of the Bourbons they never learned anything, they never forgot anything.

She was saying the same stuff about the vast right-wing conspiracy which is essentially what she’s talking about here. Naming all the elements, including as a kind of novelty, the Russians this time. This is the vast right-wing conspiracy she spoke about at the beginning of the Lewinsky scandal when in fact she and her husband lied for months about an event that really happened and they denied it.

She has never changed, and she seems incapable of understanding that she lost a humiliating election that was almost unlosable and now it’s because she never knew why she was running. The pathos of her actually sending emails to her staff, in the middle of a campaign, after essentially being on the road for 8 years, and begging them to come up with a theme. If you don’t know why you are running for president, you shouldn’t be running for president.

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