Fox News Pundit: If the Borders Were Secure Americans Would Gladly Legalize Illegals

Fox News pundit Charles Krauthammer had some very interesting commentary that could add a new spin to the debate over illegal immigration and securing our borders.

Krauthammer was a guest on Bill O’Reilly’s O’Reilly Factor when he argued that if Democrats would simply secure the borders, most Americans would happily accept a plan for a general amnesty of illegal immigrants.

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Charles Krauthammer: You have got to divide the problem in two. The first is to secure the border, meaning prevent new illegal immigrants from coming. The second is what do you do with those already here?

I would postpone the second half of that because I think if you could secure the border, you would get a rush, you would get a national consensus to be generous and humane and legalize the overwhelming majority of those already here. 

But you have to show Americans, the American people that this is the last time it’s going to happen. Remember, they got swindled with the Reagan amnesty in 1986 they were told we are going to secure the border. The amnestied three million illegal immigrants. The amnesty went through. Shutting of the border did not.

I would emphasize a couple of things. I would include — I agree with you about the barrier. I think it should be a serious border. Either a wall or fence. I have advocated this ever since 2006. But, also, you’ve you got to do interior enforcement, Bill.

So many of the illegal immigrants are people who overstay the visa. You have got to have a visa tracking system. And the second is e-Verify. If people come across the border and they are coming here to work. If they can’t find work, because an e-Verify system automates the checking to see if they are legal, they are not going to come over… Look, I think that people understand if you can be generous, once you’ve secured the border, you can be generous with the people here. I would not ask them to register, Bill. 

So what do you think? Is Krauthammer right? Would most Americans support a general amnesty of illegal immigrants as long as it came after the border had been secured?

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