Fox News Loses Ground in Cable News Race

Good news/bad news for the Rupert Murdoch and Fox News.

In the past year half of its eight hour primetime line up(4PM-12A)  left the network (Greta,O’Reilly 2x, Kelly) replaced by Tucker Carlson, Martha MacCallum and at the beginning of May, The Five got switched from 5PM to 8PM, and The Specialists replaced The Five at 5PM. The good news is the network continues to grow in Adults 25-54 a key news demographic, when compared from this May to May 2016, and May 2015 and FNC is still the number one cable news network. The bad news is that CNN and especially MSNBC have grown much faster than Fox, and their lead is shrinking.

MSNBC has also made Prime Time changes, Nicole Wallace replaced Al Sharpton’s low rated program, Greta came from Fox and replaced With All Due Respect, and the 11PM Chris Hayes has been moved in favor of Brian Williams.

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A note on methodology.  When making the comparison it is important to compare the same time of the year as the base (2017) year. There is a regular pattern of total TV viewing, for example, November PUTS (persons using Television) are the highest of the year, PUTS are lowest in July.

All the audience sizes are taken from the TV Newswer Scoreboards. Since we begin with the latest available 5/11/17, it is important to use the same time period all three years. 2017 and 2016 use the first two weeks of May. The second week of 2015 wasn’t cover by Scoreboard, so the first and third weeks were used…


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