Fox News Host on MSNBC Tries to Save the Media from Trump Derangement Syndrome

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz is a well-respected, media veteran. He’s been around the block and didn’t settle in at Fox News until the last few years.

Over his many years as a journalist he’s reported on many important stories and written some great books on the media. In his role as host of MediaBuzz on Fox News, he continues to report on the media itself acting as a sort of Ombudsmen for the mainstream media.

This past week he appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe in an effort to save the mainstream media from itself, as much of the media has become consumed by the Trump Derangement Syndrome that seems to be going around. He told the gathered panel at Morning Joe that the American people are getting tired of the seeming “cultural disdain” that the media has for Trump and his supporters.

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He explained that because the media is constantly (literally constantly) attacking the President, and acting as if everything he says or does is apocalyptic in nature, that the majority of Americans have simply tuned the media out.

“When everything is at 11, nothing is at 11. When every single thing he does creates this tsunami of negative coverage that drowns out everything else, it helps Donald Trump because it helps him dominate the news agenda every hour of our waking lives.”

While Kurtz believes the media has a duty to hold those in power to account, and that fact-checking is a necessary part of that accountability, the media must do a better job of controlling themselves and reporting in an unbiased and professional manner.

“I think there needs to be fact checking. The problem is people increasingly don’t believe the fact checkers because there is a tone. An almost sort of cultural disdain, I think, that a lot of journalists privately have for this president.”

The 24-7 flow of negative Trump coverage has created a situation where many Americans simply believe that the media has an axe to grind when it comes to the President and so their reporting cannot be trusted.

“Sometimes the media are their own worst enemy. I think that there is a sense in the country that we are constantly on this guy’s case, that we never give him the benefit of the doubt.”

Sadly, Kurtz’s wisdom seemed to fall on deaf ears as the folks at MSNBC seemed more interested in defending themselves and explaining why Trump was bad than they did about understanding why Americans trust of media is at an all-time low.

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