Fox New Pundit Rips Hollywood’s Grotesque Child Sex Trafficking

There is a lot to be disgusted with when it comes to the ongoing sexual abuse scandals that are rocking Hollywood these days.

Sadly, with all of the allegations being made and all of the new people being implicated each and every day, it’s easy to loose focus of what has really been going on in Hollywood for the last few decades.

On Fox News Judge Jeanine Pirro recently took it upon herself to remind us of the horrors that have been taking place in Hollywood for years. She reminded every American of the hypocrisy that Hollywood has been steeped in, daring to look down their liberal noses at the rest of America, while they allowed such ugly crimes to be committed in their own community.

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In fact, they didn’t just “allow” the crimes to go on. They participated in the criminality, they actively covered up the ugliness, they protected the evildoers, they glorified the monsters, and they persecuted the victims.

Hollywood is everything that is wrong with our culture and everything that is ugly in America.

More from Judge Jeanine Pirro:

Folks, Hollywood has been steeped in hypocrisy for decades. As the curtain goes up on the casting couch, AKA the casting bed, the town that glorifies violence, murder, and rape is the same town where centuries-old rules of women sleeping for a job are quiet. Actors: The ones who need to read other people’s words for a living, and then convince themselves that they have the moral turpitude to pontificate to the rest of us on how we should act, try to tell us how to be.

And by the way — it is not over yet, folks. There’s more coming. It is not just adult women, it is human trafficking, it is child sex trafficking, it is real pedophilia, in a town where there are no rules. Where the truth is stranger than fiction, and where fiction is based on reality.

It is time for the Dept. of Justice to get their act in gear, start a federal criminal investigation into Harvey Weinstein, his ongoing criminal activity, that no doubt has crossed state lines and continents.


Onan Coca

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