Four New Earth Shattering Revelations in the FBI Investigation into the Clintons

By Tim Dukeman

The following is for anyone who hasn’t been paying attention to the breaking news from last night, which we’ve covered in previous pieces (here and here). This is a concise break down of what we’ve learned over the last half-day. Please, take this information and share it with anyone who’ll listen, electing Hillary Clinton President would be a travesty and an utter miscarriage of justice.

If you haven’t had time to follow the news, here’s what you missed:

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  1. Hillary is the subject of a TWO SEPARATE Criminal Investigations by the FBI: the emails (mishandling classified information) and a MASSIVE inquiry into the Clinton Foundation (she basically took bribes from criminals and foreign countries in return for political favors). Reports are that an indictment is likely, but I’m not confident given…the rest of the items on this list.

  1. The FBI has confirmed that FIVE DIFFERENT countries likely obtained national security secrets by hacking into Hillary’s ILLEGAL email server.

  1. Obama’s Department of Justice is so thoroughly politicized (read: corrupt) that they tried to quash both investigations, on orders from (already bribed) Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Comey’s announcement last week only happened after he asked her straight up if she was forbidding him to do it.

From the Wall Street Journal.

  1. One of the people overseeing the investigation into Hillary’s email is best friends with Hillary’s campaign manager, and he already comprised the investigation earlier this year by sending intel directly to her campaign.

Recap: Hillary is so incompetent that she’s already compromised National Security. She’s so corrupt that she’s taken bribes from foreign countries. She’s so well-connected that law enforcement agencies are ignoring transparent, egregious conflicts of interest, and she’s such a proliferate criminal that even remembering all of her crimes is a herculean task.

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