Howard Dean

Formerly Maniacal Howard Dean Questions Trump’s Mental Capacity

Before there memes and gifs, there was Howard Dean.

Well, to be honest, after there were memes and gifs, there were also memes and gifs of Howard Dean.  The former democratic candidate for President had made a monumental blunder during the late stages of his campaign, letting fly a yelp-y cry that would haunts him forever.

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Do you see that?  The YouTube video is titled “The scream that doomed Howard Dean”.

And they weren’t wrong here.  Dean would never live down the public embarrassment of that horrific and pathetic squeal.  Dave Chappelle, who will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the best comedians of all time, had an hilariously brash take on the incident:

Now, thanks to wide berth given to the radical left by the mainstream media, folks like Howard Dean are seen fit to comment on the news of the day.  This include, ironically, the legitimacy of the failed candidate’s views on the mental capacity of the Commander in Chief.

Dean said, “Trump has been an outlier since he’s been president and he’s not a particularly well-respected person. He wasn’t very well respected when he was in business in New York, and he’s not very well respected now. What you had was what I think was an extraordinary tribute to John McCain. He basically rallied the decent people in this country, Republicans, and Democrats, to make a statement about America being a decent country and not being represented by the president, who is not a decent person.”

He continued, “I’ve long believed the president is mentally ill and I believe narcissism overcomes his ability to know, A, what’s good for the country, and B, what’s good for him.”

This is the sort of bizarre rhetoric that only amplifies the vitriol of the radical left.  There is simply no other purpose for the sudden reemergence of Howard Dean, of all people, at this juncture in the presidency.

It’s a stunt folks.  Nothing to see here.  Let’s move on.

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