Barack Obama

Former President Obama Shows His True Colors in Post-POTUS Paydays

Barack Obama is far from ready to leave the White House and Washington behind, as evidenced by his bizarre behavior over the course of Donald Trump’s fledgling presidency.

The first indication that Obama was less than enthused with his coming civilian life was his decision to remain living in Washington D.C. after his lame duck term ended.  He and the former First Family wound up purchasing a multi-million dollar home in one of the Beltway’s more affluent suburbs in which Barack Obama decided to install a 12-man team whose sole purpose would be to monitor Donald Trump’s reign.

This pathetic and clingy display wasn’t the only indication that no. 44 wasn’t planning on going quietly into the night, either.

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Obama’s continued presence in the political scene has been a bit subdued in the last few weeks, but no less obvious.  Now, as the unemployed politician continues to seek clout and power, he is suckling at the same Wall Street teat that Hillary Clinton was so fond of previous to her failed 2016 run.

“Obama, last month, addressed clients of Northern Trust Corp. in New York to a tune of $400,000, Bloomberg reported, citing a person familiar with the appearance.

“The report said Obama, last week, also met with the private equity giant the Carlyle Group—which was unreported– and spoke about his time as president. He is reportedly due to deliver a keynote at a Cantor Fitzgerald health-care conference.

“Ken Lewis, a spokesman for Obama, told Bloomberg that he gives speeches that are ‘true to his values.’

“’His paid speeches in part have allowed President Obama to contribute $2 million to Chicago programs offering job training and employment opportunities to low-income youth,’ he said.

“Fox Business reported in April about Obama’s upcoming speeches. Another spokesman told FBN that Obama—as a candidate—pulled in more money than any candidate in history, and went on to ‘implement the toughest reforms on Wall Street since FDR.’

“In 2009, Obama famously lashed out at bankers, calling them ‘fat cats’ who don’t get it.”

These speaking engagements are likely nothing more than a coddling of Wall Street bankers and the special interest lobbyists whom they employ.

While this move will keep Obama out of the halls of legislature, technically, it also provides the former President with an opportunity to exert his influence on some of Washington’s most powerful insiders.  Given that the liberal “resistance” to Donald Trump has no true leadership, it could be surmised that Obama’s covert engagement of this all-powerful cabal is a clandestine attempt at a Machiavellian takeover of that ill-fated group.

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