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Former Obama Speechwriter Still Harping on Hillary’s 2016 Loss

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Liberals of America, it is long past time to build a bridge and get over it.

“It”, in this case, is the electoral evisceration of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election.  Almost every excuse in the book has been thrown out as a possible scapegoat for her embarrassment, but few on the left side of the aisle are willing to truly accept the truth of the matter:  Hillary Clinton was a doomed and compromised candidate whose decades of poorly-concealed corruption disqualified her in the minds of a great majority of Americans.  When you include the Wikileaks disclosures that occurred as we approached the November balloting, it because rather apparent that Clinton’s political career was dead in the water.

Still, Hillary spent months writing a book on the experience, boldly and hilariously titled “What Happened”, as though she was going to admit the reality of her loss.  (Spoiler alert:  She didn’t).

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Now, almost half way through President Trump’s first term, with the economy booming and humming along at an unprecedented clip, one former Obama speechwriter is inexplicably, once again revisiting the reasons for Hillary’s loss.  

Almost two years after Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election, making Donald Trump the 45th president of the United States, a former senior speechwriter for President Barack Obama claims the reason Clinton lost has nothing to do with an email scandal but because she is a woman.

Saranda Peri believes that Clinton not only did nothing wrong but, in fact, Americans voted for Trump and not Hillary because they incorrectly “imagined” her to be an untrustworthy and dishonest person.

Peri starts her commentary by noting an event in 1848 where a group of women declared they were not treated as equals to men and that  “for 170 years, that grievance has persisted—metastasized into something more poisonous than our foremothers could have imagined. It enabled a morally degenerate man to fashion himself as more palatable than a woman for the nation’s highest office.”

Peri’s credibility will certainly take a massive hit based on this absurd belief, and her unwillingness to admit the obvious.


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