Former Democrat Candidate for President says Liberals and the Media are out to “Personally Discredit” Trump

Many Republicans mourned when former Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) dropped out of the presidential race last year, recognizing that he was the only Democrat candidate running with even an ounce of personal honor. While we disagree mightily with Webb on many issues, as a centrist Democrat, he was at least willing to listen to all points of view before making his own decision. Webb was also the only Democrat candidate who refused to muckrake and make personal attacks on his opponents… including those in the GOP.

His high water mark came at the first Democrat presidential debate when after hearing every other candidate name a group of Americans as the enemies they were proudest of making, Webb was the only candidate to not name an American, “I’d have to say the enemy soldier that threw the grenade that wounded me, but he’s not around right now to talk to.”

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On Sunday Webb appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press and said the one thing that everyone knows but no one in the media is willing to admit – that the liberals, the academics, and the media are colluding to undermine President Trump.

“You know, there is a campaign going on on the Hill in the media, in the academia to personally discredit not only Donald Trump, but the people who are around him. You know, the end result is to slow down the process. You and I were talking about the confirmation process, slow it down so that by ‘18 when the Democrats are vulnerable particularly in the Senate there would not be a record of accomplishment that they can run against and at the same time, the Democratic Party, over the past five or six years has moved very far to the left. When you can’t have a Jefferson-Jackson dinner which was the primary celebratory event of the Democratic Party for years because Jefferson and Jackson were slaveholders they were also great Americans in their day, something different has happened to the Democratic Party.”

At least we know that there is still one honest Democrat in America.


Onan Coca

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