Former Clinton Operative: “If the Russians had the DNC emails, did they also have Hillary’s… emails from her private server?”


Former Clinton team hatchet man Dick Morris was asking some really difficult but important questions about the DNC email scandal and its possible connection to the far worse Hillary Clinton email scandal.

From Dick Morris’ Facebook Page: (Sorry, you’ll need Facebook to see the video – but we’ve attached the transcript below.)

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You know the release of the emails from the Democratic National Committee — The Debbie Wasserman Schultz scandal — really could presage an enormous issue that could knock Hillary out of the presidential race.

If the Russians had the DNC emails, did they also have Hillary’s Secretary of State emails from her private server?

And if they released them to Wikileaks, would that prove that the Russians hacked her server, and also that the Chinese, Iranians, and North Koreans did too? Proving that she violated national security in a fundamental way?

That could really be the end of her candidacy. And the release of the Debbie Wasserman Schultz emails from the Democratic National Committee, may prove a further email scandal that could really prove lethal to Hillary…

Please share this with everyone, the media is not covering it…

Effectively the key to kill [Hillary’s] candidacy resides in the hand of Vladimir Putin.

The questions Morris raises here are important and need to be asked. Hillary Clinton’s private email server was even less protected than the DNC’s, and if Russia so easily invaded the DNC’s private systems, there really can be no question that they also hacked Hillary Clinton’s private server. (Not just Russia either – China and others have also likely seen everything that was under Hillary’s skirt.) This is simply another example of why Hillary Clinton cannot be handed the keys to the Oval Office; she is utterly unfit and unworthy to be President.

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