Former British PM Sets Up Globalist Institution

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If there was any idea that those in the positions of power around the world would give up power because the people voted them out, then we should dispel with that right now. Those who have power never relinquish it without a fight.

And, usually, those who have that power keep it in the same ways that they achieved it in the first place. One of the biggest weapons of the establishment has been education and “think tanks.” These elites sit in their ivory towers and tell us little people what should and should not be done in the halls of power.

And whether you think that this is a nefarious plan or if it is some coincident, you have to see the Former Prime Minister of Britain as a move to keep his kind in power.

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Breitbart reports

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is to invest in a new “not for profit institute” dedicated to dreaming up pro-establishment, globalist policies.

The former PM insisted the Tony Blair Institute would not be a vehicle for his return to frontline politics, but instead would be a “platform” offering “thought leadership.”

He said the new institute would “build a new policy agenda” for what he called the “center ground” of politics, as well as allowing “a reasonable and evidence-based discussion of the future which avoids
the plague of social media-led exchanges of abuse.”

Did you get that? He wants you and me to stay out of the conversation. It is people like you and me who caused all this populous trouble.

We want the truth reported. We do not just tow the party line; we expose it for the lie that it is. We love our country and our countrymen more than the other nations of the world. This has earned us the penalty of not having a seat at the table.

Blair and his globalist buddies do not want us to have a say in the future. If we do not agree with him and his elk, then we are not allowed a voice in this debate.

This is a sign that these power mongers are not going to listen to the voice of the people and go gently into that good night. They are going to rage.

It is only a soft roar but let them lose the EU and see what they do next.

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