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Ford’s ‘Fear of Flying’ Claim Frayed After Confusing Confessions

There is a belief among certain members of the American political establishment that says Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford is part of a coordinated smear campaign of the liberal left.

I’m not here to say that.  As the alleged victim of alleged abuse, Dr. Ford should be heard, and, if she can provide ample evidence of such an issue, there is an entire legal process ready to unfold in her favor.  You’re not going to find me disparaging any survivors here, as that is simply an uncouth and classless maneuver that I couldn’t live with.

After all, as one tweet I saw earlier proclaimed, nobody shames men who come forward after 35 years to recall their systemic abuse at the hands of the Catholic Church.

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But, there is something to be said for the ulterior motives of the democrats here, who are undoubtedly exploiting Dr. Ford in an effort to stymy the “America First” agenda of the President.

That’s precisely why there were concerns when Dr. Ford claimed days ago that she would be unable to fly to Washington to testify, and would instead need to drive cross-country due to her fear of being airborne.

Well, that narrative isn’t holding up very well in the Senate today.

Investigative counsel Rachel Mitchell, cross-examining Christine Blasey Ford at the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday, demolished her claim that she could not testify on Monday because she was afraid of flying.

Ford and her attorneys refused a Monday hearing, arguing that she was afraid to fly. One of her friends even claimed that her fear of flying was a result of the alleged assault by Judge Brett Kavanaugh over 35 years ago.

Then came the reckoning.

Yet under questioning by Mitchell, Ford admitted that she had, in fact, flown across the country to make the hearing. She had also flown to the east coast for a vacation with family in August. She also admitted flying frequently for her work and for her hobbies, including surfing vacations in Hawaii, Costa Rica, and French Polynesia. Ford, laughing nervously, said that it was easier to fly for vacations.

Critics had speculated that the sole reason Democrats, and Ford, were refusing a Monday hearing — or even a compromise Wednesday hearing — was because a Thursday hearing would make it almost impossible for the Senate to hold a confirmation vote on Judge Kavanaugh before the Supreme Court begins its new session on October 1.

As I said before, Dr. Ford should be heard, but, when this is all said and done to the satisfaction of the nation as a whole, then it will be time for democratic obstructionists such as Dianne Feinstein to answer some questions of her own.

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