Ford Fusion Sedans Used to Smuggle $1M in Weed Into Ohio…AGAIN

The Mexican drug cartels are simply not ready to give up their lucrative business of smuggling low-grade ganja into the United States, and their latest tactic is more than a little disturbing.

Marijuana reform has been sweeping the United States in recent years, with a majority of U.S. states offering some form on decriminalized weed for use by their citizens.  Several states have wholesale, recreational legalization, while a vast majority of these locales are simply allowing medicinal or misdemeanor marijuana.  This has cut into the Mexican drug cartels’ bottom lines immensely, as their steady stream of the green has trickled in the face of growing legalization.

This has, in turn, created a dangerous atmosphere in Mexican drug culture, as once-untouchable entities in the international marijuana business have been forced to adopt a new ferocity in order to maintain their financial pace.  Due to this escalation, we are seeing in increase in brazen and violent crime at the border, along with new and desperate tactics to get cartel care packages into America.

“The Portage County Drug Task Force and agents from the Youngstown DEA office recovered more than $1 million of marijuana this week stuffed in new Ford Fusions shipped from Mexico to Northeast Ohio.

“Authorities say smugglers removed the spare tires of the cars and replaced them with more than 400 pounds of marijuana compressed to fit in the small space.

“Employees from the service department at a dealership in Portage County found a suspicious package in the trunk wheel compartment of a Ford Fusion during a delivery inspection, according to a news release from Portage County Sheriff David Doak.

“The car was shipped by train from Mexico to a rail yard in Warren, the release says. Five more packages of marijuana were found in Ford Fusions there, the release says.

“Task Force members and DEA agents recovered an additional nine packages of marijuana from new Ford Fusions in Portage, Stark and Columbiana counties along with one package in Pennsylvania.”

This is the second time this year that Ford vehicles were retrofitted with bails of cartel marijuana, with similar incidents occurring in April.

Meanwhile, the Washington elite are fighting tooth and nail to block Donald Trump’s proposed construction of a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico, an installment that would greatly reduce the ease at which these cartel products and criminals could tip-toe into Texas…and beyond.

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