By Forcing Trump to Sign Russia Sanctions the Deep State Won Another Victory

Former Texas Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) was saddened to see the Deep State win another victory this past week when they successfully forced President Trump to sign new sanctions against Russia.

The President didn’t have much choice in the matter since Congress had amassed enough votes to override a possible veto, with little to gain in opposing the bill the President dragged his feet for a few days before finally signing it into law.

The worst part of the bill, and the part that President Trump says he found most objectionable, is that the new law restricts the President’s ability to improve relations with Russia, Iran, or North Korea unless he has the explicit permission of Congress to do so. All of which makes Dr. Paul wonder if the Deep State has complete control of the federal government.

In a conversation with Daniel McAdams, Congressman Paul expresses disappointment that President Trump hadn’t heard what they’d been talking about on his shows in recent days.

“I guess the president wasn’t listening carefully to our program, because we had suggested rather strongly that the sanctions bill was not in our best interest.

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[The president] had some reservations [about signing the sanctions bill], the argument was there was a slight delay and Trump has a moral victory because he said he was holding back for one thing: That he would have the opportunity to remove the sanctions if he saw fit with Russia. But the ‘Deep State’ people, who generally are very much in charge, said that was way too much authority for the president.

Again, the whole principle of sanctions is fully endorsed by all the people in Washington, but I don’t think the American people know about it,” he also said. “It won’t make a more peaceful world.” 

Dr. Paul also pointed out that this was proof that President Trump terrified the Deep State, which was why they were hell-bent on getting the new sanctions billed passed.

“The indication is that the neo-cons got frightened, to think that we were getting way too friendly with a country, and that we could get along, because they need chaos, and they need the incentive to be involved, maintain the empire, also the alliances.”

Watch the discussion below:

From Danial McAdams at the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity

With the new Russia sanctions bill passed and signed into law, President Trump’s room to improve relations with Russia is nearly non-existent. He will not be able to remove the sanctions without permission from Congress, and that is unlikely to come. This is exactly what the deep state desires. Official enemies, to keep the money flowing to the military-industrial complex, which is their lifeblood. Of course they suck all of our blood and they spill blood across the globe… 🇺🇸

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