For 2nd Time This Week, Google Mislabels Republican As Hate Monger

As much as Silicon Valley likes to pretend that they’re working toward some sort of communal, high-tech utopia, the sheer amount of hate that they spew seems to indicate otherwise.

In America, we derive nearly all of our political compromise through combative debate.  The method is certainly a little messy, but the results tend to be some of the most fair that modern society has come up with, so this protocol is likely to stick around for a while.  The only true danger to a prolonged immersion in this particular system is divisive discourse…as the democrats have been proving time and again.

In 2018, it’s getting difficult to turn on the television and find any news coverage that is truly “fair and balanced”.  (Yes, I know that is Fox News’ slogan, but we don’t have to pretend here.  It’s awfully clear that the folks at Fox have no choice but to actively work to expose CNN and others as “fake news” due to the overwhelming bias throughout the media).

Even supposedly impartial and algorithm-based internet search engines seem to have an agenda these days.

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Earlier this week, Google had listed “Nazism” as one of the principles a republican organization in California before issuing a halfhearted apology and excuse.  Now, the internet gargantuan has done it again, taking their rhetoric even further.

Trudy Wade is a Republican state senator from North Carolina and an enthusiastic supporter of President Trump.

But if you search “Trudy Wade” on Google, the search giant displays an old photo in the “knowledge panel” of its search results with “BIGOT” superimposed in big red letters.

It’s just the latest example of Google not vetting the information that gets pulled into its “knowledge panels,” which are meant to give users quick information without them having to click through search results (often on other, non-Google websites).

VICE News asked Google for comment before the story went online but did not receive a response. After the story was published, Google took down the photo and a Google spokesperson sent a statement that read: “Information and images from our Knowledge Panels are automatically sourced from around the web. When we are alerted to issues like this, we move quickly to fix the problem, as we did in this case.”

This pass-the-buck excuse doesn’t work when you’re the global leader in internet technology, Google.  You guys basically are the internet at this point, (until Zuckerberg finally cashes in on his Faustian pact), and, as such, you don’t get to make these very stupid oversights and simply blame Wikipedia.

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