Melania Trump

FLOTUS Sticks It to The Haters With Another Pair of Stilettos

The mainstream media and the radical left have absolutely lost their minds, and First Lady Melania Trump is playing them like a fiddle for it.

Earlier this week, as the President and First Lady prepared to board Air Force One for a trip to hurricane-stricken Texas, the liberal media was in an uproar.  No, it wasn’t something that the President said as he was boarding the plane, nor was it an awkward exchange between the most powerful couple on the planet that had CNN and others foaming at the mouth.

It was the First Lady’s shows.

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Melania Trump, a former runway model and high-class fashionista, was strutting to the Presidential aircraft in a pair of high heels – a common piece of attire for the unflappable wife of the President.  This enraged the mainstream media, who immediately began concocting all manner of insults for the First Lady, claiming that her choice of footwear was somehow offensive to those suffering in Texas.

The way CNN covered her footwear, you would think that Melania had admitted to murder.

The joke was on the media, however, as Mrs. Trump exited the plane in Texas wearing a pair of no-nonsense Adidas sneakers that she had prepared all along.

Now, as the President and First Lady make their second trip to the Lone Star State this week, Melania had a not-so-subtle message for the media mouth breathers.


Now the nation can just sit back and wait to see how the mainstream media reacts to the First Lady’s second pair of stilettos in a week.

This outrage has been indicative of the liberal media’s desperation in the age of President Trump.  Every single opportunity to take a dig at Trump and his family has been utilized by these overzealous “journalists” who are attempting to make a name for themselves among the angry and ever-more-violent leftists.

To the first lady, we say “bravo”.

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