Florida Women Line Up To Do Something Unbelievable in Wake of Irma

Due to the bizarre reality of the 24 hour news cycle, many Americans have been led to believe that Hurricane Irma’s impact has been all but negated this week.

Unfortunately, this is simply due to a lack of exposure from the mainstream media, who rely on exaggeration and conflict to drive their advertising revenue and ratings.  In reality, Irma’s effects are still occurring in full force across much of the southeast, not the least of which in Florida where the massive storm first made landfall.

Now, well over a week since the Hurricane pummeled an enormous swath of the Sunshine State, there are still nearly half a million Floridians without power in the sweltering heat and stagnant humidity of the late summer.  This has wreaked havoc on the elderly, whose assisted living facilities have turned into sauna-like death traps without the advantage of air conditioning.

Florida is lucky that the number of affected power customers is as low as it is.  Linemen for a number of electrical companies have been working around the clock in order to restore power to affected areas, often neglecting their own necessities in order to do the work needed to bring a sense of normalcy back to the state.  This has inspired a number of women in Florida to line up near convergences of these electrical saviors to offer their services.

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“A Facebook post by one Florida woman shows how grateful the locals are for the sacrifices of first responders. She shared a photo of dozens of women waiting to pick up laundry from the power crews.


“See this line? All these ladies waited in line tonight to take loads of linemen’s laundry home,” Jennifer Taylor Koukos wrote in the Facebook post.

“’One lineman asked me what those ladies were standing in line for,’ she continued. ‘When I told him they were waiting to be given laundry, with a look of sheer disbelief he said, “You gotta be kidding me.” What a great night.'”

“Taylor Koukos took the photo at the Sebring International Raceway and posted it on Saturday, Sept. 16.”

The goodness in people is something that will always shine brighter than the darkest moments of these natural disasters.

While it may seem like simply a tiny token of appreciation, a clean set of clothes could mean the world to one of these all-too-often forgotten first responders.  The sheer amount of time and effort that it takes to restore power after situations such as this is enormous, with a great many Americans taking for granted the hard work of these linemen.

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