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Florida Veteran Sticks It To HOA After Old Glory Mailbox Melee

Patriotism has long been under attack in America, bolstered by 8 years of Obama’s uber-leftist drivel and political correctness gone wrong.

The liberals of America have found a way to convince themselves that the U.S. flag and other patriotic symbols are somehow, some way, to someone, offensive.  This ongoing metamorphosis of political correctness has seized upon the trending “resistance” to Donald Trump, and has managed to convince a number of lunatic leftists that the President is a bigot and xenophobe.  This has, in turn, created a need for the left to save the rest of the world from America…at least in their own warped minds.

You see, when you make the President of the United States your enemy, even though he has the support of a majority of nation, you will inevitably find yourself in a war of ideals against your fellow countrymen.

This perversion of patriotism has been tapping its tentacles at the doorsteps of Americans for some time, with a number of incidents in 2017 in which the American flag’s visage has been regulated by “social justice warrior” homeowners’ associations.  In most cases, these horrendous HOA’s are relegating the flying of Old Glory to a certain number of days per year – usually coinciding with misunderstood “holidays” such as Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

Now, one veteran in Florida has finally taught his own HOA a lesson in pride as he has won the right to display the American flag on his mailbox year-round.

“Retired U.S. Navy Officer John Ackert is claiming victory in a dispute over a patriotic mailbox outside his Tallahassee home, saying the local homeowners’ association has backed down from its order to remove it for not being ‘in consonance’ with the aesthetic values of the rest of the neighborhood.

“Ackert told WCTV he was informed Monday the Southwood Residential Community Association changed its rules to allow American flag wraps on homeowners’ mailboxes. The decision came after Ackert appealed the initial letter asking for him to remove the colorful mailbox wrapping.

“’I view this as a form of bullying to be honest,’ Ackert told the station last week. ‘And I think people should stand up to bullying of any form, and particularly this.’”

Ackert was originally contacted by the heinous HOA with the intent of having the veteran remove the mailbox wrap as the “holiday season” had past.

Surely, the HOA was referring to the combination of Memorial Day and Independence Day as the “holiday season”; an indication that those in charge of admonishing Ackert have likely been delusional about the meaning of the Stars and Stripes for some time.

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