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Florida Makes Moves To Commemorate History, Liberal Snowflakes are FURIOUS

Liberals the nation over have been hellbent on completely erasing portions of American history over the course of the past several decades.  Of particular note is their targeting of the Confederacy of the American Civil War, and all of the symbolism associated with it.

Yesterday was Confederate Memorial Day; a holiday that many outside of the southern United States don’t even know exists, and may very well believe is a joke.  You see, liberal states in union have been teaching the Civil War with an increasingly vitriolic slant in recent years, blaming the entire debacle on the south’s insistence on continuing the reprehensible practice of slavery.  By vilifying the south and the southern heritage associated with the war between the states, democrats are able to take advantage of the tarnished perception when it comes time to gather votes.

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The truth of the matter, of course, is a much more complicated menagerie of states’ right, manifest destiny, governmental overreach, and an aggressive politics.  Regardless of the alternative facts being propagated by the left, however, it will always be true that a great many Americans lost their lives fighting for or supporting whichever side of the conflict they found themselves on.

Now, to celebrate Confederate Memorial Day, a community in Florida will display the battle flag of the Confederacy…something that will surely invoke anger from the liberals of the nation.

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“A third flag will join the U.S. and Florida ones on Wednesday at Belleview’s City Hall to honor Confederate History Day.

“The third national Confederate flag, also known as the ‘blood-stained banner,’ will be raised to half-staff around 7:30 a.m. to honor Confederate veterans. The local Sons of Confederate Veterans unit has performed this tribute ceremony for more than 10 years.

“Sons of Confederate Veterans 8th Brigade Commander Chuck Kadel said it is important to recognize all American veterans.

“'(Confederate veterans) were veterans just as American veterans are,’ he said.

“April is recognized by the state of Florida as Confederate History Month. A Belleview city proclamation passed April 4, which will be read at the flag raising ceremony, states that Florida supplied the greatest percentage of its population as soldiers compared to all other Confederate states. Further, one-third of the Floridian soldiers did not return from war.”

Belleview’s decision to display the historic “stars and bars” flag is an example of history done right.  By ignoring or purposefully censoring history, the nation is doomed to repeat some of the world’s most egregious atrocities.  These Civil War soldiers fought and died for their America, the same way that soldiers in any war die fighting for something that they believe in.  It’s a personal duty, and not one to be whitewashed by liberal snowflakes who believe that they have a right to not be offended.


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