Florida Amendment Props Up Solar Industry

There is a beauty and a balance within a free market system. The beauty comes in the advancement and advantages that are born from the freedom to invent and the desire to profit. In our age, these two gifts of God are seen as evil and self-serving. As a result, we live in a society that rewards the failure rather than the winner.

The Solar industry is an excellent example of this mentality. Nuclear power is both clean and profitable. The “Guinea Pig” Southern States has been powered safely by this great and abundant resource for decades, but instead of promoting this industry, our government has chosen another industry to win; Solar Power.

The same is happening in the state of Florida.

The Guardian reports

The nexus between business and environmental groups proved a powerful force ahead of Tuesday’s statewide primary elections.

By a margin of 3 to 1, the solar tax cut known as Amendment 4 is on its way to being enshrined in the state constitution.

The amendment exempts solar and renewable energy equipment from business and industrial property taxes for the next 20 years. Homeowners already receive the property tax exemption. A tangible personal property tax cut also applies.

But, if this were a viable option, the government would not be giving the industry tax breaks, they would be reaping taxes from them. When have we ever known the government to reward innovation and profit by letting people keep their own money?

And while we can see that there is some benefit to tax incentives for fledgling industries, that label can hardly fit a thirty-year loser like the Solar Power industry. They are continuing to seek and receive tax breaks because they cannot cover their cost with their revenue.

This is clearly Florida picking a winner.

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