Five Things That Exposed the Global Warming Scam

“Nothing is so firmly believed as that which we least know.” (Michel De Montaigne, reviewing ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ back in 1584)

To determine who’s winning the war to sway public opinion on climate change, all you need to know is found in the latest ploy by the alarmists (as pointed out by’s own Michael Ware here and Philip Hodges here).

The warming debate began after politicians trotted out their tried and true methodology:

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1 – Order the PR Department (NBC, CNN, NPR, NY Times, etc.) to create a climate of fear.

The Planet is Doomed! Catastrophic! Cataclysmic! Think of the Children!”

2 – Mix in a heavy dose of urgency.

We must act NOW or kittens will die!”

3 – Pose in front of a couple bespectacled guys in lab coats and offer yourself as savior.

But it’s not too late, IF you do as we say. We know what’s best for you.”

But a funny thing happened on the way to the United Nations Climate Change Summit – the American people called, “Bullshit!”

Here are five reasons the public did not buy into the scam and politicians are panicking:


One: The Name Change

Global Warming is a difficult sell when year after year the data shows no recorded increase in rising temperatures and it’s even harder when parts of the planet are experiencing record low temperatures while buried beneath six feet of snow. So the alarmists came up with a Wile E. Coyote Suuuuper Genius plan – swap out Global Warming for Climate Change and hope that no one notices. This way, when we experience any disaster – drought, tsunami, tornado, hurricane, Michael Moore spontaneously combusting in the skies over Lakehurst, NJ – it could be linked to Climate Change.

Of course the Climate Cult Kids deny the name change, responding, “The term Climate Change has been in use since the 1950’s.”

True, but no one is making the case that those words were never used before. Strawman much? The point is they started fobbing off the new meme on the public after years of data showing no warming trends. So, “Ooops, we’re busted!” became “Climate Change.” (Now Climate Disruption.)


Two: Falsifying Data

Want to piss off a member of the cult? One word – Climategate.

Want to really rub it in? Yell, “Hockey stick!” and then hit him over the head with one.

In 2009, hackers exposed the worlds’ leading climate scientists for falsifying data.

Alarmists like to pretend Climategate never happened. When confronted they squeal, “But, umm, okay, we lied about that – but everything else is real! It’s apocalyptic! Calamitous! Heat waves! Ice caps! Sea levels! Save the Whales! Polar Bears! Minnesota Mooooose!”

And let’s not forget the disappearing map, as well as 50 million climate refugees that the frauds over at the United Nations tried to flush down the memory hole.

Not that those stories get much play in the news.

If a meme falls in the Climate Change forest does it make a sound? Not in the mainstream media.


Three: The Money Trail

It seems the way to avoid the slow, agonizing death of poor Mother Gaia just happens to involve passage of some of the progressive movements’ favorite legislative pet causes, while at the same time pouring money into the pockets of the loudest fear mongers, like Al “Crazed Sex Poodle” Gore, who just happen to be major stock holders in Green Energy companies. What a coincidence!

And let’s not forget the scientists and universities that conduct research with predetermined conclusions in order to ensure the Government Grant Gravy Train keeps making stops at their station.

In short, the Megaminds behind The New World Order are not the noble, altruistic tree-hugging saviors of the planet they pretend to be. They’re just pigs at the trough.


Four: Settled Science

Obama Climate InquisitionIn 2013, Obama tweetedNinety-seven percent of scientists agree: climate change is real, man-made and dangerous.” The oft quoted “97%” stat is the Climate Cult’s equivalent of the “Women only make 77 cents to every man’s dollar” wage gap myth, or the “One-in-four” college rape hoax. Though it has been thoroughly debunked it is still quoted today, proving that when bereft of facts progressives will shamelessly lie in order to advance their cause.

The science is anything but settled. An ever-growing number of scientists disagree with the alarmists, which is why politicians are now trying to silence them and block their findings.

Which leads us to . . .


Five: Criminal Charges for Dissenters

And here is the final nail in the coffin, the poker tell that demonstrates the alarmists are holding five worthless cards, their fear and desperation palpable.

Over the past few weeks we’ve heard increased cries to press criminal charges on anyone who dares speak heresy. Obama, Lynch, and Bill Nye – the Rachel Dolezal of the scientific community – have all espoused approval of such actions. A group of twenty scientists even sent a letter to Obama asking him to use the Rico Act to incarcerate any of their peers who disagree with them.

Legitimate scientists welcome additional data. Only charlatans seek to stifle debate. When a researcher only seeks confirmation of his theory he is not a scientist, he is a religious zealot.

And by the way, if we are going to start jailing scientists shouldn’t we start with Michael Mann, Phil Jones and their cohorts for purposely disseminating false information?


Seven thousand years ago saw the end of an ice age. Had scientists been around back then they would not have been able to predict it. And the government certainly would not have been able to stop it. The same holds true for today.

Only arrogance allows politicians to pretend otherwise.

And only fools believe.

Climate change exists, and mankind has some effect on it.

The severity? The results? Let scientists – ALL scientists, not just those cherry-picked by the globalists – explore such complicated issues.

But as for the battle to sway popular opinion, it’s over for power-grabbing politicians, their media whore mouthpieces, and their sycophantic army of starry-eyed SJW minions who eagerly swallow whatever they are spoon fed and spew it back out as Gospel.

They lose.



S.P. Palermo

Sonny Palermo is an editor, novelist, humorist and marketing director. His writing has appeared at Lucianne’s, David Horowitz’s News Reel Blog, American Thinker, I Hate the Media and the Daily Caller, as well as other popular websites and magazines. His favorite quote is "With Words I Enlist a Dark Army." (Pat Conroy, Prince of Tides) When asked to submit a short bio, he sent us this: I was born. Then a lot of other stuff happened. Currently I'm in Vegas, Sin City, where 50% of my time is spent in the confessional booth trying to explain (and seeking penance for) the other 50%.

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