joe arpaio

First Roy Moore, Now Joe Arpaio

The Federal Courts are making it pretty clear to ELECTED Public Servants: Goose Step to our standards, or we will remove you and/or prosecute you. I guess when are appointed by the President you get pretty arrogant about Job Security. It pretty much means that you can throw the 10th Amendment out the window.

First they went after Alabama’s Judge Roy Moore; now it is Arizona’s Sherriff Joe Arpaio. In 2005 when Maricopa County D.A. Andrew Thomas was elected, mainly based on his promise to stop illegal immigration, Sheriff Arpaio began focusing on enforcing immigration laws. Now considering this is Arizona they weren’t overly concerned about illegal immigrants from say France, Germany or China. No, they pretty much focused on Latinos, since the Mexican border is 30 miles away as the crow flies and thousands of miles from all other foreign countries. Seems like common sense, but apparently that is racial profiling. I guess you don’t have to be a genius to be appointed by POTUS.

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So in 2011 a Federal District Court said “Quit It.”

Arpaio’s officers still stopped cars with Latino drivers or passengers, and dared to check their immigration status.

So basically it amounts to something like this: 3 men in a red mini van pull up to a bank, 2 of them hop out with machine guns wearing ski mask. A teller happens to see this and hits the panic alarm while they are still at the curb. I guess by Federal Standards the teller is now guilty of profiling people who might just have cold faces.

Perhaps we should stop doing Amber Alerts where the person kidnapping a child happens to be of African-American or Latino Heritage. I mean really, perhaps they are really just being good citizens and taking the kids for a joy ride.
I mean by Federal Standards we are suppose to judge people by their skin color and not their actions. Seems to me some folks in the 1950s and 1960s got pretty ticked off about that concept.

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