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First Lady Melania Trump Prays “the Lord’s Prayer,” Liberals Freak Out

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Literally anything the Trump family does is sure to cause liberals to react with insane rage.

The proof of this was on display over the weekend when President Trump gave a speech at a rally in Melbourne, Florida and his wife’s decision to open the event with “the Lord’s Prayer” sent liberal America into an apoplectic fit.

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Trump supporters across America were pleased to hear the prayer uttered by our First Lady, and thankful for the respect paid to the religion practiced by an overwhelming majority of Americans. Liberals, on the other hand, were incensed that the Trump’s would dare utter a word of prayer to the One, True God.

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Here’s the thing. Melania Trump praying has nothing to do with the philosophy of “separation of church and state,” a phrase that comes from a letter from Thomas Jefferson to a church in Maine that was worried the government might infringe on Christians’ right to worship freely. The only commentary on the subject in the Constitution and Bill of Rights comes from the “Establishment Clause” in the First Amendment, which says “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” These folks must also be unaware that our Congress opens every session and most days with group prayer, usually Christian but sometimes Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or other faiths. The Constitution is comfortable with government expression of religious faith – it just demands that Congress not pass a law that gives preference to one faith over another and that Congress do NOTHING to prohibit the free exercise of faith.

These silly liberals need to get a clue.

You can see the whole rally below:

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