First Grader’s Transgender “Pronoun Mishap” Lands Little Girl in Hot Water

When former President Barack Obama unexpectedly revealed his obsession with the rights of transgendered Americans, the nation as a whole was forced to fall in line with the liberal lunacy.

It was late in Obama’s lame duck term when he suddenly and wildly began professing his need to protect the rights of transgendered Americans in every way that he could possibly think of.  Of his tactics, the most controversial brought the transgender issue to the forefront of America’s public school system as the then-Commander in Chief declared that all public school in the nation would be forced to allow men and women to use whichever bathroom or locker room they choose at all times.

This dangerous and ridiculous stunt was meant to attract the fringe left voters to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, as her slipping poll numbers would soon spell disaster for her chances at winning the White House.

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The policies that Obama enacted also created a situation in which schoolchildren as young as 5 and 6 years old were now being forced to undergo education regarding transgenderism, a subject that is ultimately far too complex for their young minds to fully grasp.  This has led to a number of strange incidents in American schools, with the latest unnerving interaction coming to us from California, (of course).

“A first grader at a California charter school was sent to the principal’s office this week after she accidentally ‘mis-gendered’ a transgender classmate in what’s being called a ‘pronoun mishap.’

“The incident occurred at Rocklin Academy, a school rocked by controversy after a kindergarten teacher led an in-class discussion on transgenderism that included a “gender reveal” for a little boy who was transitioning to a little girl.

“For kindergartners.

“The latest incident occurred during the first week of school when a first grader came across a classmate on the playground. She called the student by his given name – apparently unaware that the boy now identified as a girl.

“’This innocent little first grader sees a classmate, calls him by the name she knew him last year and the boy reports it to a teacher,’ Capitol Resource Institute’s Karen England told me. ‘The little girl gets in trouble on the playground and then gets called out of class to the principal’s office.’”

This unacceptable reiteration of the overly-sensitive and coddling nature of our public school system is creating a lost generation of Americans who will never understand adversity, struggle, and reward.

Surely no one is advocating for children to have their feelings hurt systematically, but there are tough times in growing up.  You may be teased.  You may be laughed at.  You may even get into a fight. But the idea that our nation’s children should grow up unable to make such a mistake as this little girl’s, especially in a situation as confusing and novel as this one, is absolutely and unevquicivolly unacceptable.

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