Firearms Laws Don’t Stop Man in Ohio from Manufacturing 200 Unregistered Silencers

Hillary Clinton, like Barack Obama and many other socialist Democrats, have been trying to disarm the American people. They have pushed to ban assault and assault-style weapons and even semi-automatic weapons. Did you know that many hunting rifles and shotguns are semi-automatic, meaning it reloads itself after being fired but you have to pull the trigger for each shot fired? They have also pushed for banning magazines that can hold more than 10-15 rounds of ammunition. They have also pushed to limit the amount of ammunition and even the number of weapons a person can buy in a given period of time. They claim they understand the right to bear arms to protect oneself at home, yet they push to make everyone keep their guns unloaded and locked up in a safe where it is useless for self-defense.

Through all of their anti-Second Amendment rhetoric, they claim that restricting and outlawing these weapons and firearm accessories, that it will keep them out of the hands of criminals and make Americans safe.

First of all, how can any American be safe in their home if they are required to keep their guns unloaded and locked up in a safe? Do they expect the homeowner to ask intruders to wait while they get their locked up guns and load them? How ridiculously absurd.

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Secondly, how many convicted felons do you know that have walked into a gun store and filled out a background check so they could buy a gun to commit a crime with? They can easily obtain guns and even ammunition via illegal methods such as buying them off the streets and stealing them.

A prime example of the easy availability of firearms and firearm accessories is the recent arrest of Brent See in East Palestine, Ohio. East Palestine is about 12-15 miles southeast of Youngstown, Ohio and about 40 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

For the second time in two years, federal agents caught See with nearly 200 unregistered firearm silencers. Silencers must be registered and if Clinton and Obama are right in their arguments and rhetoric, then there is no way See should have been able to obtain so many unregistered silencers, especially for a second time in only two years.

The ATF agents raided See’s machine shop where they found 196 silencers that he had manufactured. According to statements made by See to ATF agents, he had been making the silencers for a year and planned to sell them on EBay for $50 to $80 each.

In 2014, See was arrested by ATD agents how purchased kits from him that would reduce the report of a firearm. He was convicted and sentenced to 6 months of house arrest using an electronic monitor and then placed on five years of probation. At the time of his arrest early in August of 2016, he was still on probation for the 2014 infraction.

So how will strict gun control laws stop people like See and others from making banned or registered firearm accessories or even firearms? When I was a teenage, I belonged to an Explorer Post that specialized in gunsmithing and we had a competitive shooting team on which I served. We were taught how to use various machines to tool gun barrels, trigger assemblies and virtually everything necessary to repair or even build a gun. I especially enjoyed making custom wood stocks for rifles and shotguns and hand grips for handguns. One thing I learned that is that with the right equipment, anyone can manufacture their own guns and accessories. No federal law will prevent people like See from manufacturing their own parts, such as silencers and there aren’t enough federal agents around to police everyone.

You can bet the farm that if Hillary is elected in November, she’ll be even worse than Obama in pushing every type of gun control and ban possible in an effort to disarm the American people. It’s hard to conquer a nation when the general population are well armed and ready to defend themselves against the type of tyranny Clinton and others want to rule by.

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