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Finland Knife Attacker Screaming “Allahu Akbar” During Rampage Shot Dead

Terror has long been spreading across the European continent, with a number of novel attacks occurring just this week.

Yesterday’s Euro terror report came to us from Barcelona, where at least 13 were killed and upward of 80 were injured when ISIS operatives plowed a large van through crowded city streets before fleeing.  The radical jihadists were eventually apprehended, but not before terrorizing a police checkpoint with another vehicle, causing more carnage at the second site.

Now, just a day later Finland is reeling from an ISIS-inspired knife rampage.

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“Two people were killed and at least eight others injured Friday in a knife rampage in the Finnish city of Turku, where police shot and arrested a man and hunted for more suspects, according to reports.

“Among those injured area was a woman who had been walking her baby in a stroller, local media said.

“The Helsingin Sanomat news outlet said some of the eight people hospitalized were in critical condition.

“Police shot one suspect in the legs and arrested him, while security forces tweeted that police were ‘looking for other possible perpetrators.’

“In video purporting to show the aftermath of the Turku attack, a scream of “Allahu Akbar” – Arabic for ‘God is the greatest’ – can be heard as people are seen fleeing in the street, news.com.au reported.”

These incidents represent merely the latest in an epidemic of radical Islamic terror within the European Union, with many blaming the EU’s ridiculous refugee relocation program for the spike in violence.

During the Syrian refugee crisis, the EU has implemented quotas on its member nations as to how many migrants they are required to take in.  This has led to a vastly overwhelmed border control system throughout the continent causing many member nations to adjust and simplify their immigrant vetting processes.  ISIS has turned to exploiting this gaping hole in international security in order to place their caliphate components among the otherwise peaceful population of the old world.

Notably devoid of recent terror attacks are the nations of Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia, who have all declared their own insubordination to the EU’s migrant quotas.

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