Find Out The Hilarious Reason This Anti-Gun Professor Called 911

An anti-gun professor at the University of North Dakota was petrified when she saw two armed, uniformed men outside through her classroom window.

She was fearful to the point that when she called 911, she “could barely talk” because of “fear” and “rage,” according to an op-ed penned by the anti-gun professor Heidi Czerwiec, who teaches English at the University of North Dakota.

As it turns out, it was an ROTC exercise, and it was cleared with the university. In her op-ed, she wrote of her traumatic experience, which she described as feeling “under physical attack”:

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“I look up from my office computer to see two figures in camo with guns outside my window. My first thought is for my students’ and my safety: I grab my phone, crawl under my desk and call 911. The dispatcher keeps me on the line until someone can see if ROTC is doing maneuvers.

I can barely talk—first, with fear, and then with rage when the dispatcher reports back that yes, in fact, I’ve probably just seen ROTC cadets, though they’re going to send an officer to check because no one has cleared it with them. They thank me for reporting it.

A few minutes later, a university officer calls me back—not to reassure me, but to scold me for calling 911. He says ROTC has permission to do this exercise. When I tell him that this was news to 911 and that they encouraged me to call whenever I see a gun on campus, he seems surprised.”

The university officer informed the anti-gun professor that these ROTC exercises would be going on for the next couple weeks. Czerwiec replied that she would then “be calling 911 for the next couple weeks.” And she vowed to call 911 every time she sees one of these ROTC exercises, stating that it’s “highly inappropriate to conduct unnecessary military maneuvers in the middle of the quad.”

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