Feud between Oprah and President Trump Reaches New Heights

This past week CBS 60 Minutes‘ newest employee, Oprah Winfrey, sat down with a group of Michigan voters that she last saw several months earlier.

The group was made up of 7 Trump voters, and 7 non-Trump voters, and Winfrey met with them to see what they thought now that we were more than a year into the Trump era.

One year into Donald Trump’s presidency, Americans remain divided, often unwilling to listen to what the other side has to say. It’s happening in families, among friends and at the workplace. We witnessed that schism first-hand last fall when we went to Grand Rapids, Michigan, and gathered 14 people – seven who voted for Mr. Trump, seven who did not – for a wide-ranging discussion about politics, policy and the president himself. To mark President Trump’s first year in office we decided to repeat the experiment. We never intended to go back to Grand Rapids. But then we learned that, after disagreeing on virtually everything, our group stayed in close touch. Members from opposite sides of the divide actually became friends, organizing outings and talking every day in a private facebook chat group.  All of that made us want to go back.

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You can see the full video of their conversation here. (Sadly, CBS won’t allow us to share their video.)

But here are a few clips:

As you could probably guess with this being a CBS operation, many of Oprah’s questions could be considered “unfair” and “leading” as she pushed the members of her focus group into certain answers.

While hardly the biased attack based television that we’ve come to expect from CNN and MSNBC, the 60 Minutes piece looked less than favorably on our President.

The conversation seemed to focus mostly on the negative stories revolving around President Trump and the most controversial of hist statements, positions, and Tweets. Any such conversation will of course take a negative tone, even in a group that has 7 of his supporters.

Needless to say, President Trump didn’t love the segment.

Over on Fox News, they covered the feud between the President and the leftwing talkshow host more in depth.

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