Fertility Campaign Accused of Being Racist, Sexist [VIDEO]

An Italian fertility campaign runs afoul of political correctness.

A fertility campaign addressing Italy’s disastrous birth rate has run afoul of an even more important concern: promoting diversity.

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There is no reason to think that the footage was grabbed on purpose. And while the racism charge is stupid but fixable (they can use images that only show whites engaged in the undesirable behavior because that’s not racist at all), the “sexism” charge is far more serious.

It is far more serious because it is a demand that people never be told the truth about biology, even in a fertility campaign.

According to Newser.com,

The campaign kicked off in August, featuring a series of promos that some say are nothing more than fertility fear-mongering. One of the ads shows a woman holding an hourglass with the caption “Beauty has no age. Fertility does.” And a pamphlet shows two cheerful white couples with the caption “Good habits to promote,” while the caption “Bad company to leave behind” is accompanied by a photo of a black woman apparently smoking pot, while a white woman hangs out with a black man who’s drinking. Critics say a) the low birthrate isn’t women’s problem, and b) the country isn’t addressing unemployment, the real reason many people are choosing not to have kids. Even Italy’s prime minister is shaking his head. “I don’t know of any of my friends who had kids after they saw an [ad],” Matteo Renzi said in an early September radio interview, per Reuters.

Yes, the ad will probably not undo a generation or more of feminist damage. After all, women (and men) are not going to address the situation any time soon by choosing to have one baby. They need to commit to having many children.

And fertility for women has an expiration date. That’s not sexism. That’s reality.

Even when liberals acknowledge a problem they can’t permit the truth to be told about how to fix it.

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